• CNC (5 - axis)
  • conventional
  • gear-wheels


  • CNC
  • conventional
  • boring long holes


  • rollers L=3100
  • holes
  • surfaces


  • dynamic balancing
  • welding
  • technical documentation


ZMTorun thanks to obtaining EU funds in 2010 for introducing innovative technological solutions to the metalworking machine park, it was able to significantly improve the quality of its services. By investing funds in modern devices such as CNC machine tools, ZMTorun performs CNC machining at the highest level. It can be carried out both on materials entrusted by the client and on own materials.

CNC machining is performed using modern equipment and a rich machine park, which are operated by experienced employees. Their skills and knowledge allow the operations to be performed at the highest level by fully utilizing the capabilities of the machines. The CNC machining performed by the company is CNC milling and CNC turning.

CNC machining undoubtedly has many advantages. First of all, it is fast and precise machining on various types of materials, which is enabled by advanced technology and appropriate software, and modern equipment owned by the company allows it to perform repetitive and complex operations.

The range of services offered includes a wide range of regeneration and spare parts production. A rich machine park and experienced staff allow us to offer you the highest quality of services.